bits and pieces (ep)

by mouselion

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released September 15, 2016



all rights reserved


mouselion Providence, Rhode Island

homemade music from me 2 you

side project:

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Track Name: grey skies
Yeah, you’re wasted
You’re tired
You’re hungry

Oh I have smoked away
My dreams
Dreaming of grey skies

Yeah she, she took away my dreams
Dreaming of grey skies
Track Name: medusa lives
Way down underneath the scars you’ve painted
Underneath your favorite doorway
I can see you’re on your way out

Hopeless, hopelessly enjoying nothing
Just trying hard to keep your guns out
I can see you’re on your way down

Someone said that you were feeling down dear
I can tell you’re trying to stay there
It looks as though you’re stuck underground

Though you say you’re one for keeping silent
It’s time to show them all your fangs now
Let them see the one that I found

Oh I saw snakes inside her hair
Her gaze turned me right to stone
Track Name: wear (where) your disguise
Pour some gasoline on water
Watch the flames before your eyes

Settle down you’re only dreaming
Let the light break through the lies

Wear your disguise, I know I know
Track Name: waste yourself
Waste yourself just let it slide
Tell me that you’re feeling all right
Brace yourself for what’s inside
Of every stupid thing I try to hide

Let me take you underground
I’m in the mood to drown
And I know what you’re thinking
Yes I know what you’re feeling dear

Let me show you where to hide
I know you’re stuck on why
I’m always lying in the shadows

You say you’re feeling dead
but you look so alive
You’re stumbling down the hallway stairs, are you okay to drive?

I know that you are sick
But you say that I’m not the cure
Just give me one more night
Ill try, to make you sure
Track Name: brown eyes
Your brown eyes they’re turning to the ground
They’re turning to the dog
Yeah they’re biting into me

Your black blood
It’s showing through your skin
It wants to let me in
Yeah it’s flowing into me
Track Name: I want to eat you alive
You’re standing all alone
You’re staring at the doorway
Waiting to see if I’m coming round
I know that you are done

You’re staring at the sky
You’re staring at the stars
Looking for mirrors of my eyes
I want to eat you alive
Track Name: rainy sunday
Empty spaces, hollow faces
Simmer down, cry your eyes out

Rainy Sunday, dreary Monday
Stand up straight
But let your hair down

Tell me something
You’ve been thinking
Serve me up a piece of your heart

Nosy neighbors, always watching
Show them how
you dance for the crowd

Hollow spaces, empty faces
Simmer down, cry your eyes out
Track Name: you had 2 much
You had too much
You had too much to drink
I see you looking out the car window looking for me
You had too much too much to drink
I see your weary face
You’re looking drunk and out of place
I see you looking down
I see you looking down

Your eyes, they’re turning inside out
Your blood, it’s starting to turn black